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We get it from our momma's

Updated: May 25, 2020

Beyonce said it best, "smart enough to make these millions. Strong enough to bear the children. Then get back to business." Every day, we celebrate all women. But today is solely for the moms.

A few years back, I was working on a campaign and a frantic call came into the office. The member's cell phone was lost, and all hands on deck to find it. We logged into an app to track her phone. A million little eyes staring at a screen in eager anticipation of the ping - clearly we were dealing with foreign spy ring! When the address finally popped up, someone shouted her son's name. It was his school. He took her phone to play a video game.

This is one of my favorite work stories. It not only reminds me of my amazing mother, but it reminds me of how fierce all mothers are. Women bare children, build our communities, and manage their careers. They do all of this with love and compassion that is unlike any other. Mind blown by moms! Here you have one of the most powerful members of Congress, with a very important phone touched by few. Except for her child, because to this mother, there is nothing more important than bringing joy to her child.

I don't' know about you, but I for one wouldn't be where I am today without my mother. Her sacrifices and unconditional love allow me to stand - I get it from my momma. Here are some lessons my momma taught me:

  • The power of prayer: My mother's love is a reflection of God's. And I know I can because somewhere my mother is always praying for me. She prays even when I don't have the sense or the strength to do so myself.

  • What it means to be strong: My mom is the personification of bold and fearless. This woman juggled two snot-nosed kids (God bless her, we had terrible allergies), traversed the globe with her military spouse (helping shape his career), all while having her career. And she did this while looking impeccable, always flawlessly dressed to the 9's. Sharing this woman's DNA is my strength. Did I mention, she writes political op-eds best described as fiery to her local paper (she's the political genius of the family) and she founded a success closet to help her students - you go, girl!

  • How to be confident: A few years ago, my mom called me at 5 am. My heart dropped, it had to be an emergency. She said, "I had a nightmare that your hair and your nails weren't done." I get my work ethic from both of my parents, but Daisy demands that I not only work hard but that I look my best while doing it. And not to please anyone else, but to please me. When you look good, you feel good and you know it. Now, that's confidence!

  • The meaning of love: My father loves my mom, and you can tell not only by his words but by his actions. Their love has set the tone and the standard for my life. If it isn't like Ron & Daisy's, I don't want it. They've shown me that who you marry does matter. Marriage is a partnership that shapes you, and it is the foundation of the life that you will build. Strong families, strong careers come from strong bonds. Their teamwork has made our family's dreamwork and both of their children are thankful.

Happy Mother's Day

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