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The Five that Caught Our Eye.

The week's rundown of the top five things that caught our eyes.

The People v. Amy Cooper? Not if Christian Cooper has anything to say about it. Thankfully, he doesn't. Prosecutions aren't to protect the victim, they're to protect society. The Amy Cooper phenomenon isn't new, and has had grave consequences. My Amy Cooper inspired my run for Congress. And, we can never forget the south's strange fruit, Emmett Till, and the many injustices and inequity spurred by Amy Coopers - all without accountability. Sorry Christian, justice must be served.

You want to be like Mike, I want to be like Bozoma. Bozoma St. John signed on as Netflix's Chief Marketing Officer, becoming one of the highest Black women in tech (rumored seven million dollar paycheck). Prior to Netflix, she had an unforgettable stint at Uber. Why do I want to be like Bozoma? Obviously, she has a great career and professional brand. But what sets her apart, is her unforgettable and powerful personal brand. Bozoma teaches us:

  1. Social media is 2020's professional must-have. How are you bulding your employers brand, and not your own? Just take a look at her Instagram (her handle is BadAssBoz, how I love thee) and Twitter. Enough said.

  2. Toot your own horn. You're fabulous, it's your responsibility to own that. Tooting your own horn is the smart, necessary, and boss thing to do. It is why professionals need social media, it's your online portfolio. Horn-tooting requires confidence, and confidence is key to success. Plus, no one else is going to do it for you. Sister, toot that damn horn!

  3. Looks matter. Are you boss enough to showcase your personality through bold fashion? Are you fearless enough to let your authentic self shine, not the image corporate America told us to project? Put down those scrunchies and put on that bronzer. Blue suits, button-ups, and kitten pumps be damned. Wear the red lip, sis!

Are you Black or Brown? This week we found out that in 2020 members of Congress (i.e., Antonio Delgado and Richie Torres) are asked by the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) to choose - Latino or Black? Newsweek and The Hill reported that CBC doesn't allow dual membership in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and their Caucus. Leaving our Afro-Latino brothers and sisters in quite the predicament. I hate to do this, but I must, CBC time to retire this hideous practice. Like those Kente clothes, this too is not a good look.

It's Back! To the delight of 80's babies worldwide, Netflix rebooted our beloved Babysitter's Club. We grew up on the BSC, and now we're adults still on the BSC. I found myself taking notes on how to build a company and a brand, how to support other women in business, and how to be a better friend. Trust me, add the BSC to this weekend's binge!

West for 2020? Kanye West announced he's running for President, but this week we learn he's never voted for President. Boy bye! And now, the most important reminder of the week...don't be a Kanye. VOTE!

Bonus! This week President Carter and Rosalynn Carter celebrated their 74th Wedding Anniversary. Ya'll, I haven't had a crush on someone for 74 days, let alone dated anyone for a full 74 hours. Three snaps for the Carters!

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