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Digital Mentoring Coffee.

Updated: May 7, 2020

I'm often asked for mentoring coffees. I do as many as I can. I firmly believe that it's our responsibilities as sisters in the struggle to support each other. But, I'm human and you already know that I'm not your superwoman!

So, if we aren't able to connect or a mentoring coffee, here's a few nuggets that I've learned along my journey that I hope help you: Be persistent: pursue opportunity with full force and vigor. Compete for every job, even if you think you don't want it. Interviewing well is a skill that has to be practiced and cultivated. Get as much experience as you can so that you are ready to compete for that dream job. Also, you never know where unexpected opportunity may lead you. Build your brand: A new professional, your job will most probably include promoting and protecting your boss, that is important and necessary work. However, it doesn't mean ignoring your own brand. Take control of your career and your professional image early. Use your job to position yourself for greater opportunity. In your role, find a niche area and conquer it. Establish yourself as a leader by maintaining your LinkedIn and Twitter feeds - always post about your area of expertise. These two social media streams are how folks will invite you to speak at various events.

3. Be tough: not everyone will like you or agree with you. Certainly, not everyone will support or belief in you. If you work hard and work with integrity, you will be ok. Be bold and be fearless; success demands that you be unafraid to take opportunity and to speak up and out. I call it the diplomatic clap-back - master it so that you can always defend your position. 4. Get a mentor and build relationships: Your mentor should be someone you trust and respect - not just someone you look like. Invest in the relationship with your mentor - like any investment, you'll get back what you put in. You need a mentor who will help you navigate professional life and who will be there to pick you up if you misstep or hit a wall. 5. Relax: Career is important, money matters and you want to be successful. And while navigating your career may feel like a beast, and doing the job well can seem impossible - it isn't. And when the last chapter is written, what will matter most isn't work, it'll be the impact you made in your life. Don't get too caught up chasing goals that you forget to enjoy your current station in life. Each phase has value - never forget to stop and smell the roses.

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