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My Dad.

When I filed for Congress, I assumed I could use a debit card to pay the filing fee. Wrong, and I didn't even think about payment options because I was so nervous! But as always, my father had me covered. He was right behind me, armed with one last check and steady as a rock. This is the story of my life, my dad has always had our backs, been committed to our happiness and wellness, and willing to give his all to his family.

I never thought I'd work in politics. I ran from it. But my father insisted that someday his daughter would be in politics. Dad always knows best - God gave me counsel and unconditional love through my pops.

And people always ask, where did you get your fierce commitment to fitness from? I get it from Ronnie (hence the reason why I like to be called Rhonnie)'s our thing, just like wine, salmon and Vienna sausage (don't judge us). My dad is my bestie -- he taught me how to lift weights, how to sacrifice, and how to love. Not to mention, he's a helicopter pilot, and growing up there was nothing cooler than your dad flying by your neighborhood and waiving from the cockpit! I will forever and always be Daddy's girl. My very first love, the coolest guy on the block. Happy Father's Day Colonel Foxx and all the dads who make our dreams possible and our world's go round.

"Habits lead to standards, and standards lead to discipline," the Colonel.

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