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A Farewell To My Campaign For Congress...

Updated: May 1, 2020

Major congrats to Kathy Manning. She ran a tremendous race. When women succeed, we all succeed!

First and foremost, thank you God for giving me the strength and the courage to walk boldly in my purpose and to run this race. Our campaign was small, but my goodness were we mighty. My faith is strengthened, my smile is bright, and my heart is full. And while we did not win, our push for more inclusive and bold representation continues.

To everyone who voted in yesterday's elections-thank you. Your voice is your vote, and it matters. For those who voted for me, I do not take your vote lightly. Your belief in my abilities has lit a new fire within me and I reaffirm my commitment to our fight for our values and for our progress.

To my supporters and donors - thank you. You made my candidacy possible and you answered each and every time I called upon you. Your support of this mission means so very much and I do not take it for granted.

To my top staffer and right hand, Braxton Brewington - thank you. You are the people's champs and your immense skills and genius made our race possible. As a former staffer, I know the sacrifices you made by putting your lives on hold to fight for someone else's vision. I look forward to supporting you both in all of your future endeavors. You are my family.

To our campaign fellows, Julian, Shanelle and Cain - thank you. You gave so much - keep giving and believing. Your futures are bright and I look forward to witnessing the remarkable contributions you make to the world.

To my family, there aren't words - you are my rock and my everything. You invested so much in this campaign. I love you and I am grateful. Mom and Dad - your baby girl hopes she made you proud. I stand because of you and I will charge ahead because of the values you have instilled in me.

Today, Team Foxx's heads are held high. We left nothing on the table, and we gave it our all. We took the hits and the doubts and transformed them into our fuel. We sparked a flame that hopefully will light a path towards much needed change. Thousands of young people have seen our campaign, our spirit and our fire, and I pray that they are empowered to lead and blaze new paths.

In two short months, we built a movement that will continue to fight for leaders with bold visions for our nation. Again, I congratulate Kathy and all the candidates that won statewide on their victories last night - I will be here at home fighting alongside you for democratic victories in November. As Democrats we must unite and reaffirm our commitment to turning our district, state and nation blue. Rest assured that my efforts to push for progressive policies, to mobilize and energize our base, and to stop Donald Trump have only been emboldened.

Thank you team Foxx!

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